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BB4 Eye

Big Brother 4 Eye


On Launch Night, 6 Housemates entered the all new Big Brother House; 6 more Housemates entered the following day. This year's house was twice as big as last series' house. The new house included the chamber for nominations, a circular pool, and secret rooms between the walls of the house. This is the first time ever the main house that included the bedroom, kitchen, and lounge was not attached to the staircase. Instead the staircase out of the house led to the backyard. The only thing that stayed the same was the Living Room where Evictions took place.  This year, there were many secrets in Big Brother and the secrets included a plethora of intruders. The Launch Night Twist was the Fan Favorite (determined by fans voting in a snap poll) and the Public chose two out of three Intruders to be the Final Housemates (who would then later enter on Day 8).


Housemate Entered Exited -
Tate Day 2 Day 80
Gemma Day 7 Day 80
Sofia Day 42 Day 80
Dixie Day 1 Day 77
Helen Day 1 Day 77
Jana Day 1 Day 70
Nikko Day 2 Day 63
Alex Day 2 Day 56
Mathias Day 26 Day 49
Stacy Day 26 Day 42
Curtis Day 2 Day 35
Aisha Day 1 Day 28
Misty Day 10 Day 28
Mac Day 2 Day 25
Hillary Day 1 Day 21
John Day 2 Day 14
Harry Day 2 Day 7
Andrea Day 1 Day 4


Nominations took place on Tuesdays.

  • Week 1
  1. Aisha | 8pts - Harry (3pts) and Hillary (2pts)
  2. Alex | 2pts - Harry (3pts) and Hillary (2pts)
  3. Andrea - WALKED
  4. Curtis | 9pts - Hillary (3pts) and Harry (2pts)
  5. Dixie | 0pts - Hilary (3pts) and Harry (2pts)
  6. Harry | 22pts - Curtis (3pts) and John (2pts)
  7. Helen | 0pts - Curtis (3pts) and John (2pts)
  8. Hillary | 10pts - Aisha (4pts) and Alex (1pt)
  9. Jana | 0pts - Aisha (4pts) and Alex (1pt)
  10. John | 4pts - Harry (4pts) and Curtis (1pt)
  11. Mac | 0pts - Harry (4pts) and Curtis (1pt)
  12. Tate | 0pts - Harry (4pt) and Curtis (1pt)

  • Week 2
  1. Aisha | 0pts - Hillary (3pts) and Mac (2pts)
  2. Alex | 5pts - Curtis (3pts) and John (2pts)
  3. Curtis | 12pts - Mac (3pts) and Alex (2pts)
  4. Dixie | 1pt - Curtis (4pts) and Helen (1pt)
  5. Helen | 3pts - Tate (3pts) and Mac (2pts)
  6. Hillary | 9pts - Jana (4pts) and Dixie (1pt)
  7. Jana | 4pts - Hillary (3pts) and John (2pts)
  8. John | 6pts - Alex (3pts) and Helen (2pts)
  9. Mac | 7pts - Curtis (3pts) and John (2pts)
  10. Tate | 3pts - Hillary (3pts) and Curtis (2pts)
  11. Gemma - IMMUNE
  12. Nikko - IMMUNE

  • Week 3
  1. Aisha | 0pts - Hillary (4pts) and Mac (1pt)
  2. Alex | 0pts - Hillary (3pts) and Mac (2pts)
  3. Curtis | 3pts - Jana (3pts) and Mac (2pts)
  4. Dixie | 0pts - Hillary (4pts) and Nikko (1pt)
  5. Helen | 0pts - REVOKED
  6. Hillary | 21pts - Jana (4pts) and Mac (1pt)
  7. Jana | 7pts - Hillary (4pts) and Mac (1pt)
  8. Mac | 17pts- Hillary (3pts) and Gemma (2pts)
  9. Tate | 0pts - Curtis (3pts) and Mac (2pts)
  10. Gemma | 2pts - Mac (3pts) and Hillary (2pts)
  11. Nikko | 1pt - Mac (4pts) and Hillary (1pt)
  12. Misty - IMMUNE
  • Helen discussed nominations on Day 14

  • Week 4
  • All HMs were nominated Week 4 except for Curtis due to the "Survival Trial" twist

  • Week 5
  1. Alex | 4pts - Curtis (4pts) and Tate (1pt)
  2. Curtis | 18pts - Nikko (3pts) and Alex (2pts)
  3. Dixie | 5pts - Curtis (4pts) and Alex (1pt)
  4. Helen | 0pts - Nikko (4pts) and Alex (1pt)
  5. Jana | 2pts - Curtis (4pts) and Dixie (1pt)
  6. Mathias - IMMUNE
  7. Nikko | 7pts - Curtis (4pts) and Dixie (1pt)
  8. Tate | 4pts - Dixie (3pts) and Jana (2pts)
  9. Gemma | 0pts - Tate (3pts) and Curtis (2pts)
  10. Stacy - IMMUNE

  • Week 6
  1. Alex | 11pts - Stacy (3pts) and Jana (2pts)
  2. Dixie | 0pts - Alex (3pts) and Mathias (2pts)
  3. Helen | 0pts - REVOKED
  4. Jana | 5pts - REVOKED
  5. Mathias | 2pts - Stacy (4pts) and Alex (1pt)
  6. Nikko | 0pts - Alex (4pts) and Jana (1pt)
  7. Tate | 0pts - Fake Evicted
  8. Gemma | 0pts - Alex (3pts) and Jana (2pts)
  9. Stacy | 7pts - REVOKED

  • Week 7
  1. Alex | 17pts - Tate (3pts) and Dixie (2pts)
  2. Dixie | 2pts - Alex (3pts) and Mathias (2pts)
  3. Helen | 0pts - Jana (4pts) and Gemma (1pt)
  4. Jana | 6pts - Alex (4pts) and Mathias (1pt)
  5. Mathias | 8pts - Gemma (3pts) and Jana (2pts)
  6. Nikko | 0pts - Alex (3pts) and Mathias (2pts)
  7. Tate | 3pts - Alex (3pts) and Mathias (2pts)
  8. Gemma | 4pts - Alex (4pts) and Mathias (1pt)
  9. Sofia | 0pts - IMMUNE

  • Week 8
  1. Andrea - Alex
  2. Harry - Alex
  3. John - Jana
  4. Hillary - Jana
  5. Mac - Alex
  6. Misty - Alex
  7. Aisha - Alex
  8. Curtis - Jana
  9. Stacy - Alex
  10. Mathias - Alex
  • All ex-HMs voted to evict someone from the House on Day 56

  • Week 9
  1. Dixie | 8pts - Sofia (3pts) and Jana (2pts)
  2. Helen | 0pts - Jana (3pts) and Gemma (2pts)
  3. Jana | 5pts - Nikko (3pts) and Dixie (2pts)
  4. Nikko | 5pts - Gemma (3pts) and Sofia (2pts)
  5. Tate | 2pts - Sofia (3pts) and Gemma (2pts)
  6. Gemma | 7pts - Dixie (3pts) and Tate (2pts)
  7. Sofia | 8pts - Dixie (3pts) and Nikko (2pts)
Week Nominees Evicted
1 Harry, Hillary, Curtis, Aisha, John Harry
2 Curtis, Hillary, Mac, John, Alex John
3 Hillary, Mac, Jana, Curtis Hillary
4(1) Aisha, Alex, Dixie, Jana, Mac, Tate, Gemma, Nikko, Misty Mac
4(2) Aisha, Alex, Dixie, Jana, Tate, Gemma, Nikko, Misty Misty
4(3) Aisha, Alex, Dixie, Jana, Tate, Gemma Aisha
5 Curtis, Nikko, Dixie, Alex, Tate Curtis
6 Alex, Stacy, Jana, Mathias, Gemma Stacy
7 Alex, Mathias, Jana, Gemma, Tate, Nikko Mathias
8 No Nominees Alex
9 Dixie, Sofia, Gemma, Nikko Nikko
10 All Housemates, except Helen and Dixie Jana
11(1) All Housemates Helen
11(2) All Housemates Dixie
  • Note: Evictions took place on Fridays
  • Week 3 - Tate used Immunity on Mac and re-nommed Curtis
  • Week 4 - Nikko used Immunity on himself
  • Week 6 - Alex used Immunity on himself and re-nommed Gemma
  • Week 6 - Fake-Evicted Tate saved Gemma from eviction
  • Week 7 - Alex used Immunity on himself and re-nommed Nikko
  • Week 9 - Jana used Immunity on Sofia and re-nommed Nikko
  • Week 10 - Dixie used Immunity on herself
  • Since Week 11 was considered the final, Helen was up for eviction


  • Due to the "FINAL HOUSEMATES" twist, Gemma and Nikko, labelled as Latecomers, entered the House on Day 7
  • On Day 7, the new Housemates Gemma and Nikko went to The Platform and chose Misty out of the three possible Gatecrashers (three out of the four were chosen by the Public) to enter the House on Day 10
  • On Day 26, Intruders Stacy and Mathias entered the Big Brother House to host the Wednesday Night Showdown. They were both chosen by random draw out of the three Housemates held in isolation above the Living Room.
  • On Day 40, the new Intruder, Sofia, entered the old Big Brother House and spent time with the fake-evictee. They both re-entered the House together the same night.

Wednesday Night Live CompetitionEdit

New to the Virtual Big Brother franchise, the Wednesday Night Live Competition is a competition where the winner wins immunity from eviction. This competition takes place after nominations to give the nominated Housemates incentives to win. Whoever is immune from eviction gets to nominate a housemate in their spot, as long as that housemate received at least 1 nomination point during nominations. If there is only one housemate with at least one nomination point or no housemates with any nomination points, anyone can be nominated. Note: The power of immunity is optional - a HM can decide whether or not they want to use it. The competitions ran from Week 3 to Week 10, but was not played during Week 8.

  • Week 3 - "Red Alert" - Winner: Tate ; Removed: Mac ; Re-Nom: Curtis
    • All HMs began in a circle and had to rush to push the red button in the center of the circle. The last HM to push the button would be eliminated and the new round would begin without them. This process continued until the final two HMs where the first person to push the button would win immunity from eviction. Mac had to sit out of the competition due to being voted the worst HM in the Shopping Task.
  • Week 4 - "Totem Holder" - Winner: Nikko ; Removed: Nikko ; Re-Nom: None
    • All HMs stood on a 3 foot high totem pole and had to balance a board with a ball on it. Wind would blow at them every so often. The HM who was able to stand on their pole the longest with their ball won immunity. The new intruders, Stacey and Mathias, competed and if they won, they had to give immunity to someone. Since there was no one to re-nom, the winner could only save themselves or someone else.
  • Week 5 - "Big Trivia" - Winner: Gemma ; Removed: None ; Re-Nom: None
    • All HMs except Mathias and Stacy (who were immune from the Public Vote) faced off against each other. One pair would face a trivia question and the person who got it right stayed in the game while the loser was eliminated. The winner of that round chose a pair of two to face off against each other. 
  • Week 6 - "Train Up" - Winner: Alex ; Removed: Alex ; Re-Nom: Gemma
    • All HMs were told to balance on pistons. Without notice, the pistons began moving up and down. The HM to stand on their piston the longest without falling off won Immunity.
  • Week 7 - "3x3 Balance Beam" - Winner: Alex ; Removed: Alex ; Re-Nom: Nikko
    • HMs were split into three groups of three and had to balance on two poles, one for each foot. The HM that stayed up moved on to the final round with the two other winners from the other rounds. The winner of the final round won immunity.
  • Week 8 - NONE due to twist on Day 56
  • Week 9 - "Hay Rollin'" - Winner: Jana ; Removed: Sofia  ; Re-Nom: Nikko
    • HMs were placed on a hay stack that continuously shook. As hay began falling off, the HMs tried to stay on as long as possible. The HM that stayed on the stack the longest without falling off and without pushing another HM off, won immunity.
  • Week 10 - "Laser Tag"
    • HMs were in the darkened arena with bright lasers. They were told to dodge them and if they were struck three times they would be eliminated. The last one standing won immunity and made it to the Final 5.


  • "An All Female House?!" - Launch Night Part 1 - The 6 Housemates were told by Agatha that all everyone this year would be female and that intruders would be constantly entering since only 6 entered on Day 1. This was a lie and was revealed the following night when the males entered.
  • "FINAL HOUSEMATES" - Launch Night Part 2 - The Fan Favorite (Dixie), who was determined by a snap poll, and the Public both chose one Intruder to become a Housemate and enter the House on Day 8.
  • "Snap Eviction" - Week 1, Day 4 - The female Housemates were given 5 minutes to decide which of the male Housemates (who entered the day before) they wanted to evict. This twist was cancelled since Andrea decided to walk from the game the same day.
  • "Nominating With Help" - Week 1, Day 4 - Housemates nominated for the first time, but in pairs. Their partner was selected by alphabetical order. Both Housemates had to decide on two people to nominate and for how many points.
  • "BB's Ultimate Gift" - Week 1, Day 7 - Helen was selected to receive a gift by Big Brother. All she had to do was find ten Big Brother Eyepieces throughout the House during Week 2; after finding the Eyepieces, Helen entered the Prize Room on Day 14 and won a pass to the Big Brother 3 Final
  • "Survival Trial" - Week 3 Eviction, Day 21 - The HM that received the second most amount of votes to save and second least amount of votes to evict was sent to The Arena to compete in a trial. Upon entering, the HM, Curtis,  learned the trial was about temptation. The choice given to Curtis was immunity for the week, but with two evictions in one week and every other HM was nominated, or chosing a permanent nominee that could not be replaced and take $50,000 from the prize fund, but receive an automatic 2 pts for nominations. Curtis chose to be immune and have two evictions during Week 4.
  • "The Luckiest Evictee In The World" - Week 4 Eviction, Day 28 - The HM to be evicted in the Double Eviction went to The Platform and chose a door. The door they chose led to an amount of money that the HM won and took from the winnings. The options were $1,000 , $10,000 , or $20,000.
  • "Best Fake Eviction Ever" - Week 5 Eviction, Day 35 - The HM that received the most votes to save was fake evicted and sent to the old Big Brother House to live in luxury and be immune from next weeks eviction. During their stay, the HM would be visited by ex-HMs and was able to save a nominee from eviction the following week.
  • "Bedlust" - Week 6, Day 37 - All HMs lost their beds, meaning they also lost their privileges to nominate. Scattered around the House were 8 keys. If a HM found a key with their name on it they won both rights back. If a HM found one without their name on it they had to put it back without anyone seeing. HMs who did not find their key have "REVOKED" next to their name in the Nominations list.
  • "Satisfying The Exs" - Week 8 Eviction, Day 56 - The ex-HMs appeared in a Live Show to pull someone out of the House that they believed didn't deserve to be there. The reason of "entering the house later than the others" was deemed unaccpetable.
  • "The Twisted Games" - Week 9 Eviction, Day 63 - The Final Wednesday Night Competition was announced to be played right after the eviction that night