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Channels of Big BrotherEdit

  • Season 1 - Season 5 = Channel 10

As the first channel to host Big Brother, Channel 10 copied the American version of Big Brother. They only used 10 Houseguests per season. They also made an All-Stars version as their last season.

  • Season 6 - Season 10 = Channel 9

After the decline of Big Brother on Channel 10, Channel 9 picked it up and reinvented it by creating a new houses, new rules, and new twists. Eventually Channel 9 dropped Big Brother after Ultimate Big Brother.

  • Season 11 - Season 14 = Channel 4

Channel 4 took Big Brother and drastically changed each season. They made some longer, some shorter, and only used one house twice. The seasons on Channel 4 were one of the most popular seasons of Big Brother. 

  • Season 15 - Season 24 = Channel 5

After Big Brother went on Channel 5, they really only recognized the seasons that were on their channel. Also, Season 16 is rarely mentioned because of its poor ratings. Mainly, Houseguests from Season 15 to present went on Little Brother and Big Mouth. Channel 5 continued the use of the Celebrity versions and made each season with bigger twists. Since Channel 5 took Big Brother over, they have only used human Houseguests instead of sheep for the past 14 seasons.

  • Season 25 - Present = Channel 3

After Channel 5's big farewell, Channel 3 gladly took reign of Big Brother to make it bigger and better than ever. Unlike Channel 5, Channel 3 mention/referred to past seasons (pre-Season 25). Channel 3 decided to have a schedule where one season would be Celebrity style and the next Civilian style. Instead of hiring other presenters that only have seen the show, the chose hosts based on likability in the house. Therefore they chose the most popular Housemate, Layla, to be the Main Show Host.