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MUNICH 2002 Edit


On a live special one hour before the live launch, 20 HMs out of the 40 bidding countries were randomly selected to be part of the second season of International Big Brother. Of course, Germany was automatically chosen to compete. During the live launch, the 20 HMs were introduced on the stage and walked into the house. On the same night, it was announced that 2 HMs would be leaving the next day. In the middle of the night on Day 2, Big Brother announced the 2 HMs that were evicted. It was also announced that one HM would become the Power HM each week and nominate 4 HMs for eviction. The whole house would then vote to save one HM and the rest would face eviction. From Week 4 on, the Public saved one HM ahead of the eviction. Instead of 2 HMs leaving each week, only one would unless it was a special eviction.


Housemate Entered Evicted -
Luxembourg Day 1 Day 75
Austria Day 1 Day 75
Estonia Day 1 Day 75
Ukraine Day 1 Day 75
Russia Day 1 Day 75
Belarus Day 1 Day 75
Albania Day 1 Day 75
Lithuania Day 21 Day 63
Azerbaijan Day 1 Day 56
Ireland Day 21 Day 49
Bulgaria Day 1 Day 42
Netherlands Day 1 Day 42
Poland Day 1 Day 35
Finland Day 1 Day 28
Macedonia Day 1 Day 21
Latvia Day 1 Day 21
Georgia Day 1 Day 21
Czech Republic Day 1 Day 21
Germany Day 1 Day 14
Norway Day 1 Day 7
Italy Day 1 Day 2
Spain Day 1 Day 2


Week Power HM Nominated Saved Evicted Evictee's Life Line
1 Netherlands Norway, Latvia N/A Norway N/A
2 Azerbaijan Georgia, Germany, Latvia, Macedonia Macedonia Germany Russia
3 Latvia Estonia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Finland Estonia See Chart N/A
4 Ireland + Lithuania

Azerbaijan, Albania, Ukraine, Finland

Albania Finland Ukraine
5 Ukraine Austria, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland Austria + Ukraine Poland N/A
6 None Austria, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Netherlands N/A Netherlands + Bulgaria N/A
7 Louisa, Katie, Sweden Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Ireland N/A Ireland N/A

Week 6

  1. Ukraine - Austria
  2. Austria - Azerbaijan
  3. Russia - Bulgaria
  4. Bulgaria - Lithuania
  5. Belarus - Bulgaria
  6. Estonia - Lithuania
  7. Netherlands - Bulgaria
  8. Albania - Netherlands
  9. Azerbaijan - Austria
  10. Luxembourg - Netherlands
  11. Ireland - Lithuania
  12. Lithuania - Luxembourg
  • Week 7 and onwards, all HMs were nominated for eviction

Grand Final VotingEdit

Country 3pt Recipient 1pt Recipient
United Kingdom Luxembourg Austria
France Luxembourg Estonia
Spain Austria Ukraine
Italy Estonia Luxembourg
Germany Austria Estonia
Norway Luxembourg Estonia
Czech Republic Austria Ukraine
Georgia Ukraine Russia
Latvia Estonia Belarus
Macedonia Luxembourg Ukraine
Finland Austria Estonia
Poland Luxembourg Austria
Netherlands Estonia Luxembourg
Bulgaria Ukraine Russia
Lithuania Estonia Russia
Ireland Austria Estonia
Luxembourg Austria Estonia
Azerbaijan Russia Ukraine
Albania Luxembourg Estonia
Estonia Austria Luxembourg
Belarus Estonia Luxembourg
Russia Ukraine Luxembourg
Austria Luxembourg Ukraine
Ukraine Russia Estonia
Sweden Luxembourg Austria
Denmark Austria Luxembourg
Switzerland Estonia Austria
Belgium Luxembourg Ukraine
Serbia Luxembourg Austria
Hungary Estonia Austria
Portugal Austria Luxembourg
Armenia Ukraine Austria
Slovakia Luxembourg Austria
Slovenia Austria Luxembourg
Iceland Luxembourg Estonia
Bosnia + Herzegovina Estonia Austria
Croatia Austria Estonia
Romania Luxembourg Austria
Greece Luxembourg Austria
Liechtenstein Austria Luxembourg

Final ScoreboardEdit

1st Luxembourg 51pts
2nd Austria 46pts
3rd Estonia 34pts
4th Ukraine 18pts
5th Russia 9pts
6th Belarus 1pt


  • Launch Night - Only 20 of the 40 potential HMs actually became HMs
  • Day 2 - Big Brother announced on Launch Night that on Day 2, 2 HMs would be evicted in the middle of the night
  • Day 7 - As Power HM, Netherlands was told not to nominate, instead she would choose who to evict between Norway and Latvia (nominees chosen by the public)
  • Day 14 - After Germany was evicted, they were given the Evictee's Life Line which allowed them to give immunity to one HM for the following week.
  • Day 14 - Because they survived the eviction, Georgia and Latvia won a reward each. Latvia became the automatic new Power HM and Georgia could never be saved from eviction.
  • Day 19 - After Estonia was saved, it was revealed that everyone nominated was actually safe and everyone safe was now up for eviction.
  • Day 21 - As Intruders, Ireland and Lithuania were automatically selected as the Power HMs
  • Day 29 - An online poll determined this weeks Power HM (Ukraine) and the house was not told who it was. Ukraine was fake nominated to suppress suspicion. Ukraine also was able to save one of her nominees instead of having the rest of the house choose who was saved.
  • Day 45 - 3 former BB legends re-entered the house (Louisa [MBB/CBB4], Katie [CBB4/BB4], and Sweden BBI). They chose who would be "half-way out of the Big Brother House" aka nominated for the week. The nominees then entered the Half-in Half-out House on Day 47 and the HMs who were not evicted re-entered the main house after the eviction on Day 49.