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On Launch Night, 20 HMs from a list of potential competing nations entered the Big Brother house in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. Once all 20 entered, BB announced that they were all not really HMs. Instead they were just Honored Guests and had to earn their Housemate status. The last remaining four to gain their HM status or not become HMs at all would be evicted on Day 5. This season's twist was Nominations Twists where each week there would be a twist to how HMs nominated and were nominated. This season lasted only 64 days and unlike recent seasons had no intruders.


HM Entered Exited -
Iceland Day 1 Day 64
Serbia Day 1 Day 64
Sweden Day 1 Day 64
United Kingdom Day 1 Day 64
Belarus Day 1 Day 64
Belgium Day 1 Day 64
Italy Day 1 Day 58
Norway Day 1 Day 51
Luxembourg Day 1 Day 44
Bosnia + Herzegovina Day 1 Day 37
Russia Day 1 Day 30
Liechtenstein Day 1 Day 30
Latvia Day 1 Day 23
Ireland Day 1 Day 16
Estonia Day 1 Day 16
Denmark Day 1 Day 9
Slovenia Day 1 Day 5
Poland Day 1 Day 5
Finland Day 1 Day 5
Greece Day 1 Day 5


  • Week 1 - "Guest Eviction (Non-HMs)"
  • Week 2 - "Nominations Tag"
  • Week 3 - "Role Reversal"
  • Week 4 - "Saved Day By Day"
  • Week 5 - "Opposite Week"
  • Week 6 - "Vote to Save"
  • Week 7 + 8 - "Pass to the Final"
Week Nominated Evicted
1 Luxembourg, Greece, Poland, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Finland Greece, Poland, Slovenia, Finland
2 Estonia -> Belgium -> Luxembourg -> Belarus -> Denmark Denmark
3a Belarus, Estonia, Belgium, Ireland, Liechtenstein Estonia
3b Belarus, Belgium, Ireland, Liechtenstein Ireland
4 All HMs except Iceland, Sweden, Serbia, Luxembourg, and United Kingdom Latvia
5 Russia, Luxembourg, Norway, Belgium Russia
6 Iceland, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, United Kingdom, Luxembourg Bosnia and Herzegovina
7 Sweden, United Kingdom, Luxembourg Luxembourg
8 All Housemates except Serbia Norway
9 All Housemates except Serbia and Iceland Italy

Housemate StatusEdit

  • Task 1, Day 2 - 10 guests would earn HM status if they were able to find 10 golden tickets hiddent around the house.
    • Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland, Serbia, Iceland, Russia, Denmark, Italy, Bosnia + Herzegovina, and Latvia all earned HM status
  • Task 2, Day 3 - 2 guests would earn HM status if they were able to answer the most questions about the past 38 years of Big Brother history correctly.
    • Belgium and Belarus earned HM status
  • Task 3, Day 4 - 2 Guests would earn HM status if they were chosen as the most liked guest by the 12 HMs
    • Estonia and Norway were chosen as the most liked guests and earned their HM status

Grand Final VotingEdit

Country 5 points 3 points 1 point
United Kingdom Iceland Serbia Sweden
Italy Sweden Serbia UK
Norway Serbia Sweden Belarus
Sweden Iceland UK Belgium
Luxembourg Belarus Iceland Serbia
Bosnia + Herzegovina Serbia Sweden Iceland
Greece Belgium UK Sweden
Finland Sweden Iceland UK
Poland Iceland UK Serbia
Denmark Sweden Iceland Belarus
Slovenia Serbia UK Iceland
Estonia Belarus Serbia Sweden
Latvia Serbia Belarus Sweden
Ireland Iceland Serbia Sweden
Liechtenstein Iceland Serbia UK
Russia Belarus Iceland Sweden
Iceland Serbia UK Sweden
Belgium Iceland UK Serbia
Belarus Serbia Iceland Sweden
Serbia Iceland UK Belarus
Denmark + Estonia N/A N/A Sweden
Ireland + Latvia N/A N/A Serbia
Liechtenstein + Russia N/A Sweden N/A
Bosnia and Her. + Lux. N/A Iceland N/A
Norway + Italy Serbia N/A N/A
Belgium + Belarus Iceland N/A N/A
Germany Serbia UK Sweden
France Iceland Serbia UK
Spain Serbia Iceland Sweden
Netherlands Iceland Serbia Sweden
Ukraine Iceland Sweden Serbia
Turkey UK Sweden Serbia
Montenegro Serbia Iceland Sweden
Bulgaria Iceland Serbia Sweden
Portugal Serbia Sweden UK
Switzerland Iceland Sweden UK

Final ScoreboardEdit

1st Iceland 91 pts
2nd Serbia 85 pts
3rd Sweden 50 pts
4th United Kingdom 35 pts
5th Belarus 21 pts
6th Belgium 6 pts


  • Day 7 - "Nominations Tag" - The public nominated 1 HM by an online poll, in turn that HM nominated another HM to face eviction, then that HM would nominate another, and so on. The Public nominated Estonia with 35% of the vote.
  • Day 11 - "Role Reversal" - The public vote for the 5 HMs that will be nominated and the HMs decide who is to be evicted.
  • Day 18 - "Saved Day By Day" - All HMs were initially nominated, as each day passed the public voted to save one of them. On Day 23, the public voted who to evict out of the remaining few.
  • Day 25 - "Opposite Week" - The week was done in reverse. On Day 24, BB alerted one HM that they have been evicted from the house. The public then voted on who to nominate for eviction. The HMs added one additional nominee to the 3 the public chose. The public and HMs had to get the already evictee in the nominees otherwise the live show on Day 30 would be an eviction as well. If the evictee kept their identity secret, they would win 1/4 of the prize fund ($250,000)
  • Day 30 - "Vote to Save" - Iceland, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and United Kingdom were fake evicted and taken to a secret bunker. They were told the public would vote to save two of them and to return to the house. The other two would be evicted next week.
  • Day 37 - "Pass To The Final" - Of the remaining six HMs in the house (excludes the four in the secret bunker), the public decided on who would win a pass to the final and skip the final eviction. This HM then exited the main house and was held in the Champion's House (previously known as the House Next Door). Serbia won the pass to the final.
  • Day 37 - "Second Chances" - Before two of the four secret bunker HMs were evicted, they had the opportunity for one of them to be saved and replaced with another HM. If 3/4 of them chose yes, the HM with the most votes would be saved and replaced. All HMs said yes, Iceland was saved and replaced with Luxembourg, who was eventually evicted.
  • Day 64 - "Additional Voters" - After the first 20 nations voted for their winner, it was announced that that the previous 10 evicted HMs as well as the additional 2 evicted after the first 10 and then 20 countries voted, would vote for their winner as well. They voted in groups of 2 and could only vote for one HM. The higher the group placed, the more points they had. (5th + 6th place had 5 points while 15th + 16th place had 1 point)