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The 26 competing countries in Reykjavik.

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On Launch Night, 20 HMs entered the Big Brother house in Reykjavík, Iceland. When the HMs entered the house, Big Brother revealed two twists. First, the Big Five (+ 1) HMs (representatives from the UK, Italy, Germany, France, host country Iceland, and one nation that was randomly selected on the Live Launch) would be entering the house on Day 10. Second, this season, one HM would be second in command to Big Brother. Each week the public would vote for one HM to be elected as the House President, who would elect their House VP. Both the President and VP would be isolated into the Presidential Suite and nominate 4 HMs for eviction. This season lasted 60 days.

Housemate Enter Exit -
1 Norway Day 1 Day 60
2 Belarus Day 1 Day 60
3 Finland Day 1 Day 60
4 United Kingdom Day 10 Day 60
5 Sweden Day 1 Day 60
6 Netherlands Day 1 Day 60
7 Bosnia + Herzegovina Day 1 Day 58
8 Belgium Day 1 Day 58
9 France Day 10 Day 51
10 Iceland Day 1 Day 48
11 Poland Day 1 Day 45
12 Russia Day 1 Day 42
13 Austria Day 1 Day 39
14 Croatia Day 10 Day 36
15 Ukraine Day 1 Day 33
16 Luxembourg Day 1 Day 30
17 Ireland Day 1 Day 27
18 Switzerland Day 13 Day 27
19 Italy Day 10 Day 27
20 Turkey Day 1 Day 27
21 Estonia Day 1 Day 20
22 Denmark Day 1 Day 20
23 Germany Day 10 Day 14
- Switzerland Day 1 Day 13
24 Bulgaria Day 1 Day 6
25 Romania Day 1 Day 6
26 Serbia Day 1 Day 1

Pink - evicted, but returned to the house

More Housemate InfoEdit

  • Russia previously competed in Big Brother II: Germany
  • Sweden previously competed in Big Brother I: United Kingdom and was the Runner-Up
  • Austria previously competed in Big Brother II: Germany
  • This is the first time Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, and Croatia are competing

The ShelterEdit

The Shelter is an underground base outside the Big Brother House. Throughout the duration of the competition, it was used for twists such as the Launch Night Eviction twist. This is the first time a secret hideout/building has been used where a HM/HMs have to exit the House to enter.

The Semi-Final HouseEdit

When there was only 16 HMs remaining, the public decided that the 12 least liked HMs were to go head to head to stay in the game. The 4 HMs that were the most popular earned a pass to the final. The 12 least liked HMs moved to the Semi-Final House, were randomly drawn to go head to head with one another, and over the following two weeks, one of the pair was evicted. After the first duels, 6 HMs remained. There was then two Final Duels where 2 of the 6 remaining HMs were evicted. One HM was saved before each duel and after the first duel. This HM would return to the main house immediately. 

Safe Housemates/Finalists
United Kingdom
Bosnia + Herzegovina
Duel  HM #1 HM #2 Winner
1 France Luxem. France
2 Ukraine Norway Norway
3 Belgium Croatia Belgium
4 Austria Nether. Netherlands
5 Sweden Russia Sweden
6 Iceland Poland Iceland
Final Duel  Saved Evictee Saved
1 Norway Iceland Sweden
2 Belgium France Netherlands

House President ElectionEdit

The 1st House President was decided on Day 1 by a popularity poll. From then on, the next House President was elected from the four previous nominees with the highest number of votes to save/fewest to evict.

1st House President - Finland

House VP - Netherlands

2nd House President - Norway

House VP - Belarus

3rd House President - Estonia

House VP - Belarus

4th House President - Luxembourg

House VP - Norway


Day Nominated HMs Evicted
1 Turkey, Serbia, Luxembourg, Norway Serbia
6(1) Romania, Ireland, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Estonia Romania
6(2) Ireland, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Estonia Bulgaria
13 Norway, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland Germany*
20(1) Estonia, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Austria Denmark
20(2) Estonia, Russia, Denmark, Austria Estonia
27(1) All HMs Nominated Turkey
27(2) All HMs Nominated Italy
27(3) All HMs Nominated Switzerland
27(4) All HMs Nominated Ireland
  • Day 1 - House President Finland, chose to save Norway
  • Day 2 - The HM that was saved, Norway, became the next House Pres.
  • Day 6 - House Pres. Norway chose to switch Ireland with Estonia
  • Day 7 - The HM with the highest % of the vote, Estonia, became the next House Pres.
  • Day 12 - HP Estonia axed Norway's chance of becoming the next HP
  • Day 13 - *see twists
  • Day 13 - The HM with the highest % of the vote, Luxembourg, became the next House Pres.
  • Day 19 - One of the 5 nominees was vetoed by the HMs (Sweden)

Grand Final VotingEdit

The voting procedure was different than previous years. The Juries from the 26 competing countries voted for their winner, who received that countries' 4pts, and their runner-up, who received that countries' 2pts. Then the 10 last evicted HMs voted for their favorite HMs, the favorite received 30pts while the 2nd favorite received 15pts. Finally, the public was given 260 points (26 countries x 10pts) and the percentages of the vote were multiplied by the vote to determine how many points that country received.

Country 4pts 2pts
Serbia Belarus Norway
Romania Belarus Sweden
Bulgaria Belarus Finland
Switzerland Norway UK
Germany Sweden Netherlands
Denmark Finland Sweden
Estonia Norway UK
Turkey Belarus Norway
Italy Sweden UK
Ireland UK Netherlands
Luxembourg Norway Belarus
Ukraine Belarus Netherlands
Croatia - Finland Sweden
Austria Netherlands UK
Russia Norway Sweden
Poland Sweden Belarus
Iceland UK Finland
France Sweden UK
Belgium Sweden Norway
Bosnia + Herzegovina Finland Belarus
Belarus Finland UK
Norway Belarus Netherlands
Finland Norway UK
Sweden Norway Finland
United Kingdom Finland Netherlands
Netherlands UK Finland
Evicted HM Favorite HM
Bosnia + Herzegovina Finland
Belgium Norway
France Norway
Iceland Finland
Poland Belarus
Russia Belarus
Austria Norway
Croatia Belarus
Ukraine Norway
Luxembourg Norway
Ireland UK
Finalist Points Awarded Points So Far
United Kingdom 26 + 0 26
Netherlands 14 + 0 14
Sweden 28 + 0 28
Finland 28 + 0 28
Norway 30 + 30 60
Belarus 30 + 15 45
Finalist % of Vote Points
United Kingdom 12.0% 31
Netherlands 4.0% 11
Sweden 2.0% 5
Finland 18.0% 47
Norway 39.0% 101
Belarus 25.0% 65
Place Country Points
1st Norway 161
2nd Belarus 110
3rd Finland 75
4th United Kingdom 57
5th Sweden 33
6th Netherlands 25


  • Launch Night - "Big Brother's Big Six" - Big Brother announced the Big Six (the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and host country Iceland) would enter the house on Day 10.
  • Launch Night - "Big Brother's President and VP" - Big Brother announced the season long twist of the House President and House VP of the  and that they would decide the four nominees each week.
  • Launch Night - "BB's Fav 3" - The Public voted on there top 3 HMs and they were recalled outside. There, the bottom 2 each chose a HM to be nominated and not become the House President. The #1 HM chose 2 HMs to be nominated and not become the first House President. The Public was then given an hour to vote on one HM to evict and choose one HM that wasn't nominated to become the first House President. That HM then elected his/her House VP and between them, saved one nominated HM.
  • Day 13 - "Second Chance" - Switzerland was evicted, but had the opportunity to save himself. He had to choose one HM that he believed was among the top 10% popular HMs. If his guess was wrong, he would still return, but that HM would be evicted. Switzerland chose Germany and was wrong, Germany placed in the top 75% and therefore was evicted on Day 14.
  • Day 27 - "Eviction Massacre" - There were no nominations this week. Instead, all HMs were nominated and faced eviction. Four HMs would be evicted in an Eviction Massacre.
  • Day 30 - "Semi-Final House" - See section labelled "Semi-Final House"
  • Day 58 - "Four to Three" - One HM from the four finalists and one HM from the four winners of the semi-final house twist were evicted by popular vote. The remaining six all made it to the final on Day 60.