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Big Brother SpecialsEdit

  • Where Are They Now? - Before the Live Launch of Big Brother: The Village, the special was dedicated to show where the ex-Housemates, who were in the audience for the Live Launch, are now and what they are doing. Many ex-Housemates were interviewed talking about their jobs, relationships, and fame. At the end of the special, it was revealed that an ex-Housemate was in the audience, it was a new Housemate. This segwayed into the Live Launch of Big Brother: The Village.
  • The Twist Revealed LIVE - The day before the Live Launch of Celebrity Big Brother 3, there was a special Little Brother episode showing off the new set, discussing the dynamics of Celebrity Big Brother, and revealing the twist for the launch the following day.
  • Return Of The Houses - In an extended episode of Big Brother's Little Brother the day before the final of Celebrity Big Brother 3, Brian and Sara revisited the old Big Brother Houses, remembered past winners and ex-housemates, discussed the prize fund, and talked about the future of ex-housemates.
  • Why They Were Evicted - Before the final of Big Brother 3, Agatha and special guest host, Matthew, talked to all 15 ex-Housemates and discussed why they were all evicted and not chosen to be part of the final. They also discussed what the three finalists did, to make it to where they are and potentially win $1 million.
  • Which One Will Return? - The day before the launch of Big Brother 4: All-Stars, Agatha hosted a special with 5 ex-HMs where she revealed which one would be enter. Before that, the HMs discussed past All-Star series.
  • Possible Intruders - The day before the first Immunity Challenge of Big Brother I: United Kingdom, Samantha and Mark revealed the four possible intruders that could enter in Week 3. Two of the four would enter and the choice would be up to the public. The four possible intruders were Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
  • Draw of Nations - An hour before the launch of Big Brother II: Germany/Munich 2002, the 20 HMs were chosen by random draw out of a potential 40.