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Mini Big Brother Eye


On Launch Night, 8 Housemates entered the newly renovated and reduced (in size) Big Brother House. Since this season was called Mini Big Brother, only 8 Housemates entered the house and it ran for 35 Days. The first eviction took place on Day 11, to allow the Public to get to know the Housemates better since they would be deciding a winner with very few Housemates to choose from. This season, the House was much smaller (about 2x smaller than the BB3 House). Also, for the first time since opening the new Big Brother House, the DR moved. It was placed on the first landing of the stairs, making the stairs somewhat accessible. The HMs that placed 1st - 3rd all won a spot in Celebrity Big Brother 4. The prize for Mini Big Brother was $500,000 and an Immunity Pass for Week 1 of CBB4.


Housemate Entered Exited -
Louisa Day 1 Day 18
Tyler Day 1 Day 18
Christina Day 1 Day 18
Craig Day 1 Day 18
Lars Day 1 Day 16
Julie Day 1 Day 16
Heather Day 1 Day 11
Benoit Day 1 Day 11
Ryan Day 1 Day 5
Lara Day 1 Day 5
  • Purple - Fake HM Eviction (see Launch Night Twist)


Nominations took place on Tuesdays

  • Round 1
  1. Benoit (5) - Craig and Julie
  2. Christina (1) - Julie and Louisa
  3. Craig (4) - Heather and Julie
  4. Heather (3) - Christina and Craig
  5. Julie (5) - Lars and Benoit
  6. Lars (1) - Julie and Benoit
  7. Louisa (1) - Craig and Heather
  8. Tyler (0) - Benoit and Julie
  9. Lara (N/A) - Benoit and Craig
  10. Ryan (N/A) - Benoit and Heather
  • Round 2 - See Day 13 Twist
  1. Christina (1) - Craig
  2. Craig (4) - Christina
  3. Julie (0) - Craig
  4. Lars (0) - Craig
  5. Louisa (0) - N/A - See Day 12 Twist
  6. Tyler (0) - Craig
Round Nominated Evicted
1(1) Benoit, Julie, Craig, Heather Benoit
1(2) Julie, Craig, Heather Heather
2(1) Christina, Julie, Lars, Louisa, Tyler Julie
2(2) Christina, Louisa, Lars, Tyler Lars
  • Evictions took place on Fridays


  • "Fake Housemates?" - Launch Night - Two ex-HMs - Lara (Runner-Up of BB2) and Ryan Reynolds (Runner-Up of CBB2) - entered the house with the new HMs and stayed until Day 5. They were to convince the HMs that they were permanent and would be competing against them. They were able to nominate and could only do so based on who they believed didn't deserve to win.
  • "Taken From The Game" - Round 2, Day 12 - Big Brother placed stairs in the garden and the first HM to climb them was hidden in the Secret Cubby. This HM, Louisa, could not nominate, but she could be nominated. On Day 15, she returned to the house and was told that the next eviction was on Day 16 and the Final was on Day 18.
  • "Vote For Safety" - Round 2, Day 13 - HMs thought they were nominating normally, but it was revealed afterwards that the HM with the most nomination points was safe from eviction and made it to the Final. HMs only gave one name to nominate.