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This season had 10 Houseguests, 1 Double Eviction, and 1 Instant Eviction. To the right is the memory wall. Cora 

Season 1

Finale- Cora wins

Crawley was the winner of this season. The contestants for this season were:











Week by Week PlaysEdit

NOTE: All nominees are the final nominees

Week 1-

  • Special- Eben walked (10th)

HoH- Kenny

Nominees- Anna and Sybil

PoV- Kenny

Evicted- Sybil (Vote: 5-1; 9th)

Week 2- 

HoH- Cora

Nominees- Elsie and Danial

PoV- Moses (Did not use)

Evicted- Danial (Vote: 4-1; 8th)

Week 3-

  • Special- Double Eviction week

HoH (Pt. 1)- Moses

Nominees (Pt. 1)- Scottie and Anna

PoV (Pt. 1)- Jacob (Did not use)

Evicted (Pt. 1)- Scottie (Vote: 3-1; 7th)

HoH (Pt. 2)- Kenny

Nominees (Pt. 2)- Moses and Elsie

PoV (Pt. 2)- Cora (Used it on herself)

Evicted (Pt. 2)- Moses (Vote: 3-0; 6th)

Week 4-

  • Special- Instant Eviction week

HoH- Cora

Nominees- Kenny and Jacob

Evicted- Kenny (Vote: 1-1; Cora the HoH had to be the tie breaker); 5th Place; 1st Jury Member)

Week 5-

HoH- Anna

Nominees- Jacob and Elsie

PoV- Anna (Did not use it)

Evicted- Jacob (Vote: 1-0; 4th; 2nd Jury Member)

Week 6-

HoH- Cora

Nominees- Anna and Elsie

PoV- NONE (No one else could be put up if a nominee won it)

Evicted- Elsie (Vote: 1-0 (by HoH); 3rd; 3rd and Final Jury Member)

Week 7-

Votes- Jacob and Elsie voted for Cora and Kenny voted for Anna

WINNER- (Vote: 2-1) CORA