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BB16 Eye

Big Brother 16: Celebrity Hijack Eye



11 Houseguests entered the Big Brother 16 House on Launch Night. Kenny, the Celebrity Hijacker, was already in the Secret Safehouse and his main mission was to hijack the series. He was given immunity for two weeks and after that time frame, he was sent free from the Secret Safehouse to play the game. During Nominations, he was given 15 points instead of 5 to nominate. If someone came to the diary room and guessed he was an actor or hijacker (etc.) he would be evicted from the House. He was more or less the People's Puppet.

New/Revised ThingsEdit

  1. House - This season used the one season only Big Brother 16 House.
  2. Nominations - Instead of voting to nominate, the Houseguests used 5 points to nominate between 2 other Houseguets (Big Brother Australia nominations method). Also, 4 Houseguests were up for eviction each week.
  3. Hijacker - Kenny was the Hijacker and his sole purpose was to hijack the series and try to win.
  4. Final - There were 7 Houseguests in the Final, unlike the usual 5.

Weekly ResultsEdit

Houseguests Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 FINALE
Aaron (Artic) WINNER
Billy (Bodyguard) 2nd
Cyndi (Chef) 11th
Diana (Doctor) 7th
Elwin (Elder) 10th
Fred (Fire) 8th
Mary-Lu (Mage) 9th
Penelope (Prisoner) 5th
Gabe (Gangster) 3rd
Kenny (Hijacker) 4th
Tully (Tribewoman) 12th
Wanda (Waitress) 6th

Teal - Hijacker | Blue - Nominated | Red - Evicted | Silver - Runner-Up | Gold - Winner

  • Note: From Week 4 on, every Houseguest was up for Eviction