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Big Brother Seasons 1 - 7Edit

BB1 Eye

Big Brother 1 Eye

Season 1: 10 Houseugests that were a mix of mobs (Cows, Sheep, Chickens, etc.) and there were no repeats of themobs. First instance of walking/leaving the show, occurred. 

Season 2: Again, 10 Houseguests that were a mix of mobs, but this time is was a female and a male from each mob (2 of each mob; 5 different mobs in total).

Season 3: Nicknamed "Sheepstars", 10 Houseguests and all were sheep, 

BB2 Eye

Big Brother 2 Eye

introduced reinstatements which allowed one Houseugest to be brought back by random.

Season 4: This season involved teams, from the season to Season 6, all 

contestants were now Sheep, 5 Sheep were on Team Goldarine and 5 Sheep on Team Starliner, Under the Sea theme, first instance of a Houseguest being expelled.

BB3 Eye

Big Brother 3: Sheepstars Eye

Season 5: Nicknamed "All-Stars", All-Stars from past seasons (only Sheep), were brought back including all of the past winners and the most dramatic Houseguests.

Season 6: Nicknamed "International", first season to have more than 10 Houseguest (There were 12), 6 were on Team Athena and 6 were on Team Hydra, Houseguests that represented different countries, first season not to take place in the Big Brother House, this season took place on the SS Big Brother (Cruise ship

to the right of the Big Brother House).

Season 7: Nicknamed "Celebrity", again, did not take place in the original Big Brother House, this season took place in the new Big Brother House (resembled the UK Big Brother version), 10 Celebrity Houseguests, first season to have all non-sheep Houseguests, all Houseugests were Humans using the More NPC's mod, 2 Houseguests were brought back throughout the season, first season to have an official eye logo for the series (Blue on the outside, Magenta on 

BB4 Eye-0

Big Brother 4 Eye

BB5 Eye

Big Brother 5: All-Stars Eye

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BB6 Eye

Big Brother 6: International Eye

BB7 Eye

Big Brother 7/Celebrity Big Brother 1

Winners of Big Brother (S1-7)Edit

Season 1: Shawn the White Sheep

Season 2: Steven the Silver Sheep

Season 3: Bert the Blue Sheep

Season 4: Matthew the Magenta Sheep

Season 5: Sara the Salmon Sheep

Season 6: Canada the Cyan Sheep

Season 7: Hitsume Miku