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On Launch Night, 22 Winners and 22 Runner-Ups returned to the Big Brother Compound. The Winner entered the new House and the Runner-Up entered the old House. The Winners would be competing to win while the Runner-Ups would wait in the other House. If the Winner of a certain season was evicted, the corresponding Runner-Up would enter the new House once there was three waiting in the Penultimate Mansion. The Houseguests were unaware of this fact when the game began. If any Runner-Up remained in the old House when there was five Houseguests remaining, they would be automatically evicted.

  • Note: Date Entered means the Day that Houseguest entered the Regular Big Brother House. All Houseguests entered either the Runner-Up House or Regular House on Day, but the Houseguests from the Runner-Up House moved to the Regular House at different times. None of them were intruders.


Houseguest Entered Exited -
Layla Day 1 Day 175
Brian Day 1 Day 175
Benjamin Day 1 Day 175
Lauren Day 60 Day 168
Yale Day 61 Day 161
Marlene Day 49 Day 154
Sammy Day 49 Day 147
Hayzel Day 1 Day 140
Amelie Day 85 Day 133
Lucas Day 72 Day 133
Sara Day 1 Day 126
Tim Day 85 Day 126
Rachel Day 79 Day 120
Grace Day 49 Day 119
Matthew Day 1 Day 112
Jessie Day 25 Day 112
Sky Day 85 Day 105
Enzo Day 63 Day 100
Bert Day 1 Day 98
Charlie Day 60 Day 93
Shawn Day 1 Day 91
Liam Day 65 Day 86
Zoey Day 1 Day 84
Lane Day 63 Day 79
Jerome Day 1 Day 77
Benja Day 61 Day 72
Whitney Day 1 Day 70
Chris Day 21 Day 63
Steven Day 1 Day 63
Steve Day 14 Day 63
Sky Day 1 Day 63
Blake Day 1 Day 63
Rose Day 49 Day 57
Nancy Day 2 Day 56
Cyndy Day 1 Day 56
Italy Day 32 Day 49
Matt Day 7 Day 42
Canada Day 1 Day 35
Peter Day 1 Day 28
Billy Day 21 Day 25
Aaron Day 1 Day 21
Yolanda Day 1 Day 21
Hitsume Day 1 Day 14
Eli Day 1 Day 7
Tom Day 1 Day 2

Green - Winner | Blue - Runner-Up | Red - Evicted

  • Note: Any other Day than Day 1 is when the Runner-Up entered the Penultimate Mansion


Week Houseguests Evicted
LN Tom, Aaron, Hayzel, Brian, Peter, Layla, Benjamin, Zoey Tom
1 Hitsume and Eli Eli
2 Hitsume, Yolanda, and Whitney Hitsume
3(1) Yolanda, Aaron, Matt, and Blake Yolanda
3(2) Aaron, Matt, and Blake Aaron
4(1) Chris and Billy Billy
4(2) Nancy, Matt, Whitney, Peter, Cyndy Peter
5 Whitney, Canada, Matthew, Matt Canada
6 Whitney, Matt, Cyndy, Chris, and Steve Matt
7 Italy, Nancy, Cyndy, Jerome, Whitney, Blake Italy
8(1) Cyndy, Whitney, Nancy, and Sky Cyndy
8(2) Whitney, Nancy, and Sky Nancy
9(1) All Houseguests (except Lauren and Matthew) Blake
9(2) All Houseguests (except Lauren and Matthew) Sky
9(3) All Houseguests (except Lauren and Matthew) Steve
9(4) All Houseguests (except Lauren and Matthew) Steven
9(5) All Houseguests (except Lauren and Matthew) Chris
10 Lauren, Liam, Whitney, Bert, Jerome Whitney
11 Sara, Bert, Jerome, Matthew, Layla Jerome
12 Zoey, Sammy, Yale, Shawn, Bert Zoey
13 Shawn, Bert, Sammy, Marlene, Jessie Shawn
14 Jessie, Lauren, Sammy, Bert Bert
15 Rachel, Lucas, Sky, and Tim Sky
16(1) All Houseguests Jessie
16(2) All Houseguests Matthew
17 Tim, Grace, Hayzel Grace
18(1) Amelie, Benjamin, Lucas, Brian Lucas
18(1) Amelie, Benjamin, Lucas, Brian Amelie
19 All Houseguests Hayzel
20 All Houseguests Sammy
21 All Houseguests Marlene
22 All Houseguests Yale
  • Note: The Points based Nomination system was revived
  • Note: Week 3 was a Double Eviction (Split into Part 1 and 2)
  • Note: Week 4 had a Regular Eviction as well as an Intruder Eviction where Billy and Chris faced the Public Vote on Day 25
  • Note: On Day 120, the Houseguests voted to evict a fellow Houseguest (Rachel was evicted)

Week 1

  1. Shawn - Zoey; 3pts and Aaron; 2pts
  2. Hayzel - Shawn; 3pts and Steven; 2pts
  3. Bert - Hitsume; 3pts and Eli; 2pts
  4. Peter - Eli; 3pts and Hitsume; 2pts
  5. Sara - Yolanda; 4pts and Aaron; 1pt

Week 2

  1. Shawn - Hitsume; 3pts and Yolanda; 2pts
  2. Steven - Hitsume; 4pts and Sky; 1pt
  3. Bert - Yolanda; 3pts and Hitsume; 2pts
  4. Matthew - Hitsume; 3pts and Zoey; 2pts
  5. Sara - Whitney; 4pts and Yolanda; 1pt

Week 3

  1. Peter - Yolanda; 3pts and Aaron; 2pts
  2. Cyndy - Yolanda; 3pts and Blake; 2pts
  3. Blake - Yolanda; 4pts and Layla; 1pt
  4. Jerome - Matt; 4pts and Yolanda; 1pt
  5. Yolanda - Aaron; 3pts and Blake; 2pts

Week 4

  1. Sky - Nancy, Matt, Whitney
  2. Jerome - Peter, Cyndy, Whitney

Week 5

  • Public voted/see above for results

Week 6

  • Sara nominated 5 Houseguests (see above)

Week 7

  1. Shawn - Cyndy; 3pts and Chris; 2pts
  2. Hayzel - Cyndy; 4pts and Whitney; 1pt
  3. Cyndy - Nancy; 3pts and Whitney 2pts
  4. Benjamin - Cyndy; 3pts and Sky; 2pts
  5. Nancy - Cyndy; 3pts and Whitney 2pts

Week 8

  • Everyone was nominated

Week 9

  1. Whitney
  2. Bert
  3. Benja
  4. Yale
  5. Liam
  • Note: Nominations were choosen by the public in different polls

Week 10 - Craziest Houseguests

Week 11 - Most Sensible Houseguests

Week 12 - Most Intelligent Houseguests

Week 13 - Most Boring Houseguests

Week 14 - Most Controversial

Week 15 - Penultimate Mansion Eviction

Week 16 - All Houseguests

Week 17 - Yale chose the three nominees

Week 18 - Winner and Runner-Up from Seasons 21 and 18 were nominated

Day 2 EvictionEdit

On Day 2, the eight Houseguests from the eight most recent Big Brother series were up for eviction to prevent the Public from favoring anyone from the get-go. They were told on Launch Night that one would be leaving the next day.

Penultimate Mansion (Day 1 - Day 49)Edit

From Day 1 to Day 49, whenever a Houseguest was evicted, the Runner-Up from their season would enter the Penultimate Mansion and once 3 Runner-Ups were there, they would all enter the House together.

Penultimate Mansion (Day 49 - Present)Edit

After Day 49 the rules changed for the Penultimate Mansion. At first four Runner-Ups would enter the Penultimate Mansion and every week after that 1 would be replaced by a new entering Runner-Up (one day after the regular eviction; they will enter the Big Brother House). If no new Runner-Up entered the Penultimate Mansion that week, the remainder of the Houseguests in there would enter the House.

  • Note: 5 Runner-Ups entered the Penultimate Mansion on Day 60, but only 3 entered the House.

The Biggest Twist Ever (Day 60)Edit

The Public voted Matthew to temporarily leave the Big Brother House to take part in the Biggest Twist to ever grace Big Brother. He would choose one of the three nominated Houseguests in the Runner-Up House (nominated by the Public) and then the one he chooses must answer the question "Big Brother is not kind to..." (answer: "...those who do not follow him). The three nominated Runner-Ups were Rachel, Amelie, and Lucas. Matthew chose Lauren and when asked the question, Lauren got it wrong so she unleashed the Quintuple Eviction upon the House, where all Houseguests were nominated except Lauren and Matthew were safe.

Runner-Up House FinaleEdit

On Day 85, the Final 3 in the Runner-Up House believed it was the Grand Final where they were all to exit the House. Sky came in 3rd, Tim in 2nd, and Amelie was the winner. Amelie is an unofficial winner because the public did not decide who left the Runner-Up House until the Final 3. Amelie entered the Regular House while Sky and Tim entered the Penultimate Mansion.

TARDIS TwistEdit

Since David Tennant took over as host and he is most famous for Doctor Who, the TARDIS Twist wa implemented into this season. Whoever went through the painting in the Dairy Room would unlock the TARDIS and face its wrath, either good or evil.

  • Week 1: Whitney and Eli - If neither of them were nominated, they would both go up
  • Week 4: Sky and Jerome - They were able to chose all five of that weeks nominees
  • Week 6: Sara - The Public nominated 5 Houseguests and she decides which one of them will go
  • Week 8: Matthew - See "The Biggest Twist Ever (Day 60)"
  • Week 9: Layla - Chose an evicted Houseguest (from the Quintuple Eviction) to return, but to enter the Runner-Up House
  • Week 17: Yale - Chose one of four prizes; his prize was that he was able to nominate three Houseguests for eviction 
  • Week 18: Winner and Runner-Up of Seasons 18 and 21 faced of where one of each season was evicted